We made it!!!

Even though I’m yet to have any form of interaction with you, I believe we are together in this and we made it…together!

It has taken me  close to a year to take this  step and finally set up this blog which would focus on empowering nurses in every sphere of life.

My vision is to create an interactive platform where we learn can and share from each other’s experiences while engaging in active reflection to improve nursing practice.

While I was in nursing school, I loathed the idea of being a nurse simply because of the negative assumptions attributed to nurses and also the fact  that nurses are not accorded the respect the truly deserve. Having being in the for the last eight years, now I understand that there is no place I would rather be.

Since the month of May is when we take out time to appreciate all the wonderful and selfless nurses, it is a privilege to introduce this forum where we can all be actively involved in promoting the quality of nursing care.